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16 Oct Your new favorite rolling pin…

...has nothing to do with food. It's a smaller version of the foam rollers those of us with recurring IT band/tendonitis/assorted workout injuries have a love-hate relationship with. Tiger Tail makes smaller versions of foam rollers that will fit in a carry-on, a backpack, etc.   This has been life changing for me as a frequent traveler, and someone who lives in an apartment so small that using a full sized foam roller requires moving furniture. The 18 inch, shown here, is $34.95 here. There's also a 11.5" and a portable 8" one that you can run with if necessary.  ...

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18 Mar Hard (drive) lessons

My tiny, gorgeous, G Tech mini external hard drive died suddenly over the weekend. It was six months old, was used for weekly back ups only, as well as storage for my entire iTunes library. It had a long life ahead of it - quite sad. But still under warranty so I should be covered, right? Wrong. G Tech won't restore the drive, only replace it. Restoring the drive is completely up to me, at a cost of $900+.  Kind of ironic that a company created to keep your data safe/secure/intact won't step up when their products fail. Especially while under...

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30 Oct Archery and other antics at BDDW

I recently did a story with Tyler Hays from BDDW, which meant a few visits to the store. I totally forgot they've got an archery thing going. Someone had talked to me about being on a team, and which I also forgot. Maybe it's better I did - it's a little intimidating: ...

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01 Aug From the pens of babes….

I was at a friend's house the other day, and hanging in her bathroom was a note she wrote to one of her teachers when she was in grammar school. Apparently, at her school, if you were too embarrassed to ask a question during health class, you could write a note to the teacher, who would then address the issue. (So not the case at my school).  I thought this note was so adorable/innocent/funny (especially the part about it being "sick to inercorse"), I had to post it. ...

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17 Apr I love Agway

One of my favorite stores ever. Here are some reasons why - Owls with heads that spin - Hamster wheel: Seems to suggest that you plant seeds and they sprout up looking just like the picture: Fire starter in fishing rod motif: Who needs Legos? I happen to love homemade jerky (but have never tried making it): Speaks for itself (this place is like Target for farmers. You can get pig harnesses, cow bells, and lots more): ...

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