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12 Apr Full page of Canadian products in Alexa

Turns out a lot of cool things are designed by people who are either from Canada or currently live there. DSquared? Canadians! Erdem? Ditto. Want Les Essentiels? Oui! See products from all of them and a bunch more in the NY Post Alexa edition today.  Even got a shout out from Pat Kiernan/NY1 during "in the papers" - which, you know, is the ultimate validation (he's Canadian)....

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04 Dec Gift of the day: huge, cheap tote bag with cool graphics

I love almost everything by Sisters of Los Angeles. I have their glassware, I've got a couple towels, a candle, and I recently got this tote - it makes me think of summer. Plus, the graphics are super-cool, and I can channel Cali all the time. This is the front. The back has your choice of the following city/neighborhoods: Malibu, Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Silver Lake, Santa Monica, Venice. Check them out here.       ...

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13 Nov Winter workout miracle pants

Actually, they're more like tights. I'd been looking for a full-length tight with an ankle zip. The only ones I found were Patagonia men's models (seen on friends) that have been discontinued.  These are by Craft (never heard of them but apparently a favorite of Swedish skiiers), and  have a fleecy lining.  If you're exercising in them it should probably be a cross country skiing or other *cold* and wet situation. I've been wearing them to get coffee, run early morning errands, etc. as they're too warm to jog in (for me). Guess where I found them? LL Bean. Buy...

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14 Aug You can steam EVERYTHING

...or so I was told at a meeting at the Laundress offices recently. They said you can steam every material, but you cannot safely iron every material. Which got me thinking -- I could use a steamer, the last hand-held one I had didn't work (Rowenta - big fail, big bummer). The Laundress ladies recommended this model by Jiffy. It's not as cute as the Rowenta but it blows the competition out of the water when it comes to steaming. Heats up very quickly, gets the job done very well. Perfect for people in small apartments who don't want to...

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02 May Finally a sporty V

Athletic companies traditionally don't know how to make a V neck. It sounds ridiculous, but if you're someone who prefers a V to a crew, it can be frustrating to find one that goes any lower than your clavicle.  Smartwool now makes this one, which I just got and LOVE. You get all that awesome wicking from the microweight wool, plus a real, dare I say stylish, V. Perfect for layering in this weird weather we've been having. Comes in various colors. I, of course, have black. ...

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