Immortalizing Bill Murray - Rima Suqi
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19 Oct Immortalizing Bill Murray

I was going through a plethora of emails for holiday gift guide merch, when I ran across one from the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago. Scroll, scroll, blah, blah and then this:

WHAT? SERIOUSLY?  A coloring book featuring images of Bill Murray. Yes, THAT Bill Murray. I mean, what could be more perfect?

Who are these people who commissioned artists (including Nicholas Stevenson, Anneka Lange, Murray Somerville, Donald Ely, Hattie Stewart, Bridget Meyne, Tobias Hall, Tilly W, Lucy Ketchin, Mike Force, Rich Fairhead, Mary Cheung, Sean Wars, Mary-Louise Plum, Sam Morrison, Logan Fitzpatrick, Catherine Askew, Michael Kilkelly, Brooke Olsen, Chris Arrowsmith, Jonny Packham, Jaypee Murray, James Burgess, Thomas Key and Nathan Dirienzo) to create 23 illustrations of Bill Murray that can then be desecrated by anyone with a crayon?

(for the record, they’re Brits. I cannot believe that Brits – BRITS — beat us to this one).

Buy it here.