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12 Nov Feature on Barneys, Bergdorf’s, Saks, Bloomies and Dover Street Market in Departures

A kind of major shopping story with loads of insider tips (from the likes of Jill Kargman, , Maya Jankelowitz and Jordan Roth) on navigating what can seem like daunting spaces. Did you know that Barneys has a concierge who can get you the hottest reservation in town? Or that Bloomingdales plays Frank Sinatra's "New York, New York" throughout the store every morning when the open the doors? Or that if you buy any two skincare products at the La Mer counter in Bergdorfs, you get a free facial? I didn't either, until reporting this story. It's in the November/December issue...

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05 Jun The one dress you need this summer

[gallery ids="4996,4997,4998"] The Silk Daybreak sundress from Madewell: now marked down to $99.50. When I tell you everyone looks good in this, I am not lying - see that tie? Normally I would run away, as I have no waist.  But since this dress is cut more like a shift, it totally works (they just styled it to look more girlie). Bonus: it's silk so it will fold super tiny for travel. Bonus #2: Cut big, size down. Bonus #3: Very dress up/dress down. Love! Check it out here....

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24 Oct Possibly the best gift ever

How is it possible that with all the booze people I know - thanks to several years thoroughly exploring the topic of brown liquors - nobody, NOBODY, alerted me to the existence of disposable flasks. I'm the girl who has, on more than one occasion, used an OXO travel mug as transportation for said substances. Maybe while strolling the High Line. Maybe at the movies. And granted, said mug is a lot less conspicuous than something that says FLASK all over it. But still, this is good information that was withheld. I saw said flasks in the latest Restoration Hardware catalog...

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03 Dec A “green” tree

There are few things that depress me as much as all the Christmas trees, kicked to the curb, once their days of glory are done. Just get one of these instead - the The Needle Free Christmas Tree. You can leave it as it is, or you can decorate it -- designer Helen Ige suggests "using water based or glitter paints, a BeDazzler can be dazzling too!"  Missing that evergreen tree scent? Buy a candle. $88 here. ...

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19 Apr Solo travel minus the surcharge

There are few things I find as obnoxious as the single-supplement when traveling solo. It's mean and, especially for those who perhaps wish they weren't traveling alone, adds insult to injury. Recently I met with a representative from Explora lodges about their very cool properties and expeditions. During our conversation he mentioned "working with families" to make rates more affordable. I pointed out that perhaps he might consider "working with" solo travelers in a similar way, and (perhaps not so nicely) suggested he was discriminating against those traveling alone by charging them extra while "working with" families. Today I got this...

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