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Aaron Poritz, Cristina Grajales

20 Jan Aaron Poritz new works in T/The New York Times

For his show “Big Woods,” opening at Cristina Grajales Gallery in New York on Jan. 27, the Brooklyn-based designer Aaron Poritzwent back to the source. “I wanted to go for walks in the woods, find trees and envision pieces that fit within the shapes of them,” he says. “The tree is the starting point. I find that romantic.” The seven pieces he created for the show represent a stylistic departure for Poritz, who is best known for his masterfully crafted wooden furniture. “This was about exploring and being inspired by abstractions of the human form.” Two years in the making,...

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Lake Flato rammed earth house Marfa Texas

13 Dec Lake Flato home in Marfa, Texas in Architectural Digest

So here’s a kind of crazy story. Couple A buys land outside Marfa, Texas, and enlists Lake Flato architects to design a rammed earth home for them. That’s cool, but not the crazy part. They ultimately do not build the house, and sell the land to Couple B.  Couple B, rather than starting over with their own architect, go ahead with building the Lake Flato house originally designed for Couple A. Over 3 million pounds of Texas soil were involved. To see the full slide show and read the pretty interesting (to me) story, go here....

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Shilpa Yarlagadda, Rima Suqi, The Financial Times, How to Spend It

07 Dec Profile of Shilpa Yarlagadda in the FT/How To Spend It

Aged just 24, Shilpa Yarlagadda has a resumé and an address book that most take decades to accrue. Four years ago, sitting in her Harvard dorm room, she co-founded , a jewellery company with a single product – the Duet Pinky Ring. A spiral design with two stones – representing a “pinky promise” for women to support one another – it was worn by Emma Watson, Nicole Kidman and Shailene Woodley on various red carpets before Shiffon even had a proper website. Better yet, it gives 50 per cent of its proceeds to female-led startups via its non-profit venture capital...

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Jwan Yosef and his art rugs, Rima Suqi, Architectural Digest

01 Dec Jwan Yosef’s new rugs in Architectural Digest

Jwan Yosef is a Syrian-born artist raised in Sweden, educated in London, and currently living in Los Angeles. And he's created rugs, based on previous paintings, that debuted today at Henzel Studio. You can read all about him and the carpets, here....

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Luxury Holiday Gifts, Rima Suqi

19 Nov Holiday gift guide/Alexa

Gucci pencils, a Campana brothers-designed hanging chair for Louis Vuitton, and an awesome puzzle that's a portrait of the late great Halston, are just a few of the items on this page that I've worked on for the past few years. See all the merchandise here....

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Mission Blue, Rima Suqi, Alexa

17 Oct Rolex + Mission Blue in Alexa

The Azores, a dreamy chain of nine volcanic islands in the Atlantic off the coast of Portugal, has long been a destination for nature lovers, wellness buffs, scuba divers and surfers. Among other reasons, they journey to this picture-perfect archipelago for its insanely rich deep-sea ecosystem of more than 25 types of dolphins and whales, hundreds of species of fish and coral gardens galore. The site was also just designated a “Hope Spot” by Mission Blue, an organization founded in 2009 by Rolex Testimonee Sylvia Earle (who is also a partner in Rolex’s Perpetual Planet initiative), which aims to create a global...

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