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Bobby Sager, Rima Suqi, Chelsea Hotel, Wall Street Journal, Mansion section

22 Mar People who bought historic doors from the Chelsea Hotel/Wall Street Journal

The Chelsea Hotel on 23rd Street in New York City has a storied history, and was home (either temporarily or more permanently) for a host of now legendary creative types, ranging from Bette Davis and Humphrey Bogart to Jimi Hendrix and James Morrison. The hotel was sold in 2011, a renovation was started and, long story short, a guy who was homeless at the time (but had lived in the hotel) noticed that the doors to these rooms were being thrown away, figured out how to save them, catalog them, and bring them to auction. The article explores some of...

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Doug Meyer Rima Suqi New York Times

18 Mar Doug Meyer Wyldlands exhibit/T, The New York Times

The artist Doug Meyer, known for his popular “Cameo” series, recently debuted “Wyldlands”: an imagined resort town filled with florescent surrealist buildings in miniature. (The pieces range from 13 to 24 inches tall.) Set in the year 2037, in Arizona’s Sonoran desert, the installation — currently on view at Daniel Cooney Fine Art in New York — imagines a future where pandemics are the norm and elites have constructed a safe haven, called Wyldlands, to which they can slip away and live out their fantasies without risk of infection.  “Wyldlands” is on view at Daniel Cooney Fine Art through May...

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Regis de Saintdo earrings, pendant necklace, NYT Rima Suqi

12 Mar Regis de Saintdo jewelry in T/The New York Times

Many jewelers find beauty in ordinary objects — smooth pebbles, delicate shells — but Régis de Saintdo perhaps more so than most. Years ago, the Parisian maker, who spent over two decades working for the designers Elizabeth Garouste and Mattia Bonetti before going out on his own, started saving veal and beef bones he’d procured from his local butcher, simply because he liked their shape. He then bleached, sanded and carved one of them, with the intention of turning it into a gift for his wife. The resulting geometric pendant, which he accented with red coral, attracted a slew of...

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Joey Roth, Osma coffee maker, Rima Suqi, NYT, T Magazine, New York Times

20 Jan Osma portable coffee/tea maker in T/The New York Times

“I didn’t want to create another device that required a large amount of real estate on someone’s countertop,” says Joey Roth, designer of Osma, a sleek new machine that brews hot or cold coffee or tea in under 2 minutes. “I wanted it to be portable, and to look at home on various surfaces in your home and workspace.” Osma, two years in the making, is Roth’s second design in this space. His first was the very modernist Sorapot tea pot, designed while he was still a student at Swarthmore; it launched in 2007 and an updated version debuted in...

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5 Emerging designers, Rima Suqi, Galerie Magazine, Flavie Audi, Nico Conti, Atang Tshikare, Ammar Kalo,

14 Jan 5 Emerging Designers/Galerie magazine

Mini profiles of five future stars all pushing the boundaries of materials to very cool effect: Atang Tshikare (South Africa), Flavie Audi (Lebanon/London), Nico Conti (Malta/London), Ammar Kalo (Dubai)  and Seungjin Yang (Korea). You can read more about all of them, and see the cool pieces they create, here....

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Andile Dyalvane ceramics, Rima Suqi, Departures Magazine

29 Dec Andile Dyalvane new works/Departures Magazine.

Andile Dyalvane is a South African ceramic artist who I first became aware probably 15 years ago through the now-defunct Amaridian Gallery in New York City, and was really excited to *finally* be able to write something about him in a major publication. Andile's new works, shown first in his home village, currently at Southern Guild in Cape Town and in 2021 at Friedman Benda in New York City, are the physical representation of a language he created to symbolize people, places, traditions, etc he feels his people and village are losing. You can read the whole piece here, and Andile's...

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