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Indiana architecture story, Rima Suqi, Departures Magazine

16 Oct Indiana architecture road trip/Departures Magazine

I'm posting the unedited copy here, since there was only room for about half in the Magazine, and so many people have been asking for more information. Go to Indiana! *** The Midwest has a lot to offer for architecture fans and, as a journalist who grew up in Chicago and has written extensively about design, I thought I had a pretty good handle on what was where. Until I was asked to create a single state road trip itinerary of “greatest hits” and surprises. Chicago and the environs were an obvious choice, Wisconsin for all things Frank Lloyd Wright, Michigan for...

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Top Luxury Spas, Galerie Magazine, Fall 2020, Rima Suqi

13 Oct World class spas that combine wellness and incredible design/Galerie Magazine

Because a girl can dream of the day when she can once again visit that amazing shaman at the Chable resort outside Merida, designed by Paula Moran, or head back to the Hawaiian island of Lanai to see how the Four Seasons transformed one of their properties there into the new Sensei Lanai, with interiors and architecture by Todd-Avery Lenahan, or to tick an item of the bucket list and head to Iceland to experience the healing thermal waters of The Retreat at Blue Lagoon, designed by Reykjavik-based Basalt Architects with Milan’s Design Group Italia. Further afield is the Aman Kyoto, a...

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Screen Shot 2020-10-12 at 6.50.27 PM

12 Oct 5 new wallpaper lines/AD Pro

A bunch of new wallpapers are hitting the market, including Mazy Path, a botanically-inspired collection from an ex Beacon Hill exec, available to the trade through Temple Studio. Patch NYC's collaboration with Antoinette Pouisson will make its debut its digitally-printed debut, just as gorgeous as the hand painted stuff and, hello, a bit less expensive. Illustrator Rob Wilson apparently also has a line of wallpapers that quietly launched a couple years ago with Look Walls and Interiors. They're wallflowers no more.  ...

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Innovative Interior Materials, Departures Home Design issue, Rima Suqi

04 Oct Innovative new materials for interiors/Departures Home & Design

After several months spent working from home, a lot of us are realizing that our living spaces are not designed to withstand the wear and tear of round-the-clock daily use—especially when children and pets are involved. Fortunately, many of the performance materials that were so unsightly in the past have been given a facelift. There are now plush rugs you can clean, supple synthetic stain-resistant leathers, and porcelain that looks and feels like marble. Read the whole article here....

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Covid PPE organization, Off Duty, Wall Street Journal, Rima Suqi

02 Oct Chic storage solutions for PPE/Off Duty, The Wall Street Journal

It's time for an entryway intervention. These formerly warm, welcoming spaces have turned into mini medical-supply stores—dumping grounds for masks, rubber gloves, bottles of hand sanitizer and wipes galore. With space at a premium, safety-minded tastemakers are struggling to add personal protective equipment to an existing mix of coats, shoes and backpacks in an orderly yet stylish way. I interviewed organizing expert Shira Gill for her take on this situation, and also found a few stylish products to help get you organized. Read the whole article (paywall) here. ...

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Decorating in the Digital Age, Departures magazine, Rima Suqi

02 Oct Decorating in the Digital Age/Departures

This story focused on how interior designers, retailers and trade showrooms are pivoting their businesses in the era of Covid. With anecdotes from Young Huh, Mikel Welch, Nicole Fuller, HenryBuilt, Mitchell Gold and Bob Williams and more. We also touch on the rise of online decorating services like Modsy and Kathryn Ireland's The Perfect Room. Read the full article here....

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The Crown Production Design, Richard Childs, Alison Harvey, Netflix

25 Sep The team behind The Crown’s sets/Netflix Queue

Definition of dream assignment: interview The Crown's production designer Martin Childs and set decorator Alison Harvey about how they do what they do, both generally and specifically for Season 3 (their work on the Aberfan landslide episode was nominated for and won an Emmy). Too much to say in a few sentences - go here to read the entire piece. I promise it's not boring....

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Nina Magon Contour Design, Houston, Living and Dining room

25 Sep Nina Magon designed interior in Mansion/WSJ

Nina Magon of Houston's Contour Interior Design created living and dining areas for a couple with two children and a very modern house in the Memorial Villages area of Houston, Texas. Total cost: About $534,000. See the breakdown here....

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Uxua Das furniture, Rima Suqi, New York Times, Wilbert Das

09 Sep Uxua Das furniture in T: The New York Times Style Magazine

Wilbert Das, former creative director of Diesel and co-founder of Uxua Casa hotel and spa in Trancoso, Brazil, has launched a line of furniture based on his designs for clients like Anderson Cooper and Richard Gere (who Das is working with on a resort in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico). You can see it all at uxuadas.com and read the full piece on T. ...

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