Cruising through the Fjords in Modern Luxury - Rima Suqi
Seabourn Quest, Seabourn cruise, Luxury Cruise, North Sea cruise, Vikings cruise, Copenhagen, Alborg, Faroe Islands, Bergen, Norway
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Seabourn Quest North Sea Cruise

01 Mar Cruising through the Fjords in Modern Luxury

Last summer I boarded Seabourn Quest in Copenhagen and, two weeks later, disembarked in Dover. I was really nervous as the last time I took a cruise (granted river, not ocean) I hated it and couldn’t wait to leave. This was the polar opposite – an experience I really enjoyed and (depending on the person ) would recommend to others. Different port almost every day, lots of hiking and kayaking options, and I became a shuffleboard champion! This story ran in 14 titles, you can read it here.