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The Mindfulness Journal, Rima Suqi

06 Dec Journaling story in the Mindfulness Journal

The benefits of journaling (what we used to call keeping a diary, and what some scientists called "expressive writing,") are well documented. Whether you've got a practice or are curious about it, this article has you covered, from tips to getting started to techniques to keep the momentum going, courtesy of Laura Rubin from AllSwell Creative. Check out their journals here, and new inspiration card decks here....

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WSJ Off Duty Jason Wu Interior Define Rima Suqi

22 Jun 20 Questions with Jason Wu in Off Duty/The Wall Street Journal

Fashion designer Jason Wu has designed a collection of upholstered seating that will debut on Interior Define in a few days. In this Q+A style piece Jason dished on a variety of topics from shopping online to design pet peeves to his favorite building and the fact that his cats do indeed match his upholstery.  Read it here (paywall)....

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Space Copenhagen portrait, Signe and Peter

15 Mar Live interview with Signe Bindslev Henriksen and Peter Bundgaard Rützou of Space Copenhagen

Yesterday I interviewed  Signe Bindslev Henriksen and Peter Bundgaard Rützou of Space Copenhagen, in front of an audience in the Suite New York showroom. It was largely biographical, with a lot of photos from their childhood, families and formative years - stuff they've never discussed in public before. A video will be available soon.      ...

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Seabourn Quest North Sea Cruise

01 Mar Cruising through the Fjords in Modern Luxury

Last summer I boarded Seabourn Quest in Copenhagen and, two weeks later, disembarked in Dover. I was really nervous as the last time I took a cruise (granted river, not ocean) I hated it and couldn't wait to leave. This was the polar opposite - an experience I really enjoyed and (depending on the person ) would recommend to others. Different port almost every day, lots of hiking and kayaking options, and I became a shuffleboard champion! This story ran in 14 titles, you can read it here.    ...

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R17 cocktail lounge NYC

25 Feb R17 in How To Spend It

If you live in NYC and love a good cocktail, get down to R17 on Pier 17 before summer comes and tourists descend. They've got happy hour seven nights a week. Hit the gorgeous thick-slab onyx bar on a weeknight and sample one of the seriously good cocktails, which you can read more about here....

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Ertlio Namas restaurant, Vilnius, chef Tomas Rimydis

04 Jan An awesome restaurant in Vilnius – How to Spend It/The FT

I do not know why Vilnius/Lithuania isn't getting more press, but trust me, it is a city on the rise. I'm glad I got there before the place explodes (figuratively), and was able to get a last minute, same day reservation at Ertlio Namas. Incredible meal a la chef Tomas Rimydis, with everything served having roots in history. Read all about it here....

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